"If we break 1,000 stores, we're in uncharted waters, the industry has never really seen this before," he says. Bigger, cheaper and more streamlined than any of the competition – Planet Fitness might as well rename itself the "McGym."“ –

"Planet Fitness signed its first franchise agreement in September 2003. At the time, the gym chain famous for its low prices, free pizza and customer base that is more "Average Joe" than bodybuilder, was primarily focused in the Northeast. Eric Dore and Shane McGuiness, Planet Fitness's first franchisees, were ready to bring the fitness franchise to a whole different market: sunny Florida. Over a decade later, Planet Fitness has more than 800 locations, of which Dore and McGuiness own 22. Here's what almost 11 years in franchising have taught the duo.“ –

Just like this isn’t your typical gym, this isn’t a typical gym chain either. Our business model is based on making people feel good. We never pressure and always offer a friendly, Judgement Free atmosphere. Because of that, this Planet is really growing. And people have taken notice. Watch “3 Jaw Dropping Secrets Behind the Success of Planet Fitness Gyms” from

“With its low prices and just-the-basics approach, Planet Fitness is muscling out the competition and growing fast.” – Fortune 

“Planet Fitness has seen its membership grow by 50% in the past two years, the number of clubs is exploding.” – Bloomberg

 “Low-cost membership in a judgement-free zone…How the non-intimidating gym chain continues to build upon its success.” – Fox Business

 “Regular Joes fuel Planet [Fitness]…Expect the chain to continue on its current trajectory.” – Franchise Times

 “The Secret of Planet Fitness's Success…Keeping things simple has helped the fitness chain grow to more than $500 million in revenue.” – Inc.

 “Planet Fitness grows with ‘judgment-free’ gyms…The company’s winning formula was born more than 20 years ago.” – Boston Globe

 “The company has thrived even during the economic downturn.” – The New York Times

 “Chris Rondeau was a driving force behind the 20-year evolution of one of the best-known national brands to originate in New Hampshire.” – New Hampshire Union Leader

 “Faster and faster. Stronger and stronger. There's really no other way to describe the growth taking place at Planet Fitness these days.” – Portsmouth Herald


Key Rankings

If you want to learn more about franchise opportunities, and find out what it takes to get your own Planet Fitness up and running, please contact the Franchise Sales team at 603-750-0001.


Financial requirements

To open 1 club:

  • Total liquid assets of all partners: $500,000
  • Total net worth of all partners: $1.5 million

To develop an area (minimum of 5 clubs):

  • Total liquid assets of all partners: $1.5 million
  • Total net worth of all partners: $3 million


Fun Facts

  • May 2014: Planet Fitness reached over 5 million members and over 800 locations nationwide
  • March 2013: Planet Fitness Huntington Park, California sells 880 memberships in one day.

  • June 2013: Planet Fitness La Puente, California sells 2,620 memberships in one week.

  • January 2013: Planet Fitness Evansville, Indiana sells 5,228 memberships in one month.

  • On our once-a-month Pizza Night, we give away 250,000 slices nationwide. That’s more than 3 million slices a year!

  • We hand out more than a million Tootsie Rolls every month.