You are on your way towards owning one of the most successful and fastest growing fitness franchises in the country!

Planet Fitness® is anything but your ordinary gym. With a friendlier, no–pressure version of the traditional gym, we have a business model that works! Clearly, this innovative and successful concept is the RIGHT CHOICE, RIGHT NOW.

If you want to learn more about franchise opportunities, and find out what it takes to get your own Planet Fitness gym up and running, please contact Head of Franchise Sales, Candace Couture at 603.750.0001 x102.

Financial requirements

To open 1 club:

• Total liquid assets of all partners: $500,000
• Total net worth of all partners: $1.5 million

To develop an area(minimum of 5 clubs):

• Total liquid assets of all partners: $1.5 million
• Total net worth of all partners: $3 million

Fun Facts

• March 2013: Planet Fitness Huntington Park, California sells 880 memberships in one day.
• June 2013: Planet Fitness La Puente, California sells 2,620 memberships in one week.
• January 2013: Planet Fitness Evansville, Indiana sells 5,228 memberships in one month.
• On our once-a-month Pizza Night, we give away 250,000 slices nationwide. That’s more      than 3 million slices a year!
• We hand out more than a million Tootsie Rolls every month.