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10 Fun and Active Fourth of July Activities for You and Your Family

picnic table with American flag, smiling people
A barbecue is a great way to spend quality time together as a family on the Fourth of July.

by Mary Lambkin

Enjoy Fourth of July as a family this year by getting out and being active! Try one of these 10 Fourth of July activities to have fun and stay healthy with your loved ones.

1. Take a Family Walk

A family walk is one of the easiest Fourth of July activities to enjoy together! Instead of driving to your local fireworks show, walk to a nearby viewing location to enjoy the lights.

2. Go for a Hike

Lace up your boots and head to the nearest trail for some off-road adventure. Kids will love packing backpacks, snacking on healthy trail mix, and exploring the outdoors. Adults will enjoy going "off the grid" for a while and escaping the usual routine.

3. Run a Race

Search for a local 5K or 10K that you can run or walk together as a family. Many races are stroller- and dog-friendly, making them one of the perfect Fourth of July activities for the whole family!

4. Join a Parade

Participate in a Fourth of July parade and spend time walking the streets of your town as you celebrate. Bonus points if you dress up in costume!

5. Host a Barbecue

Host a barbecue for your neighborhood, complete with active lawn games and healthy treats. Remember, burgers and hot dogs are great, but don't forget the fresh fruit and grilled veggies!

6. Visit a Park

Visit a state or national park to support our nation's great outdoors. Most parks offer activities like fishing, swimming, hiking, and stargazing, as well as free or discounted admission. Some parks may even have special Fourth of July activities.

7. Splash in the Pool

If it's a hot summer day, the pool is a great place to cool down and get your heart rate up. Splash around and fit in some exercise without even realizing it!

8. Go Boating

Travel to the nearest lake, river, or pond for a water adventure! If boating isn't really your thing, kayaking is a great workout, water skiing will challenge your leg muscles, and swimming can boost your cardio endurance. Even if you just relax and float in the water, the stress relief can do wonders for your overall health.

9. Pack a Picnic

Get everyone involved in packing a family picnic! Put the kids in charge of gathering healthy snacks while the adults prepare the main dishes. If you're short on time, you can keep it as simple as crackers, cheese, and fruit — all of which are healthier than most fast food options.

10. Visit a Museum

Honor our nation's great history by strolling through the nearest museum. Let kids engage in hands-on exhibits and escape to a different time period. Visiting the past may help you appreciate the wonderful outing with your family even more!

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