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5 Signs You Found the Perfect Workout Partner

two people in a field smiling after a workout
A great workout partner can help you push through the toughest of workouts!

by Steven Auger

When it comes to working out at the gym, few things are as motivating as having a great workout partner by your side! In fact, there are plenty of benefits to having a workout buddy. They can help you maintain proper form, introduce you to new routines, and provide some friendly competition — all while making the workout more fun! So how will you know when you've found the perfect gym buddy? Here are five signs that you just might have found your workout partner soulmate!

1. They Support You, Literally

Working out definitely isn't one-size-fits-all. Some folks prefer the rush of weight lifting, while others thrive on cardio machines. And some people desire a healthy mix of weights and cardio! A good workout partner will support your methods — literally! They can be your spotter if you're lifting weights or make sure your form is correct if you can't find a spot in front of the mirror during your squat session. Or maybe they'll just give you the thumbs up of encouragement from across the gym!

2. They Don't Push You Beyond Your Capabilities

Your workout buddy can be a constant source of support, both inside and outside of the gym. Perhaps you would go to them for advice or a good venting session when you feel frustrated. And while your workout partner should support you every step of the way, they shouldn't force you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. It's important that you don't feel judged — you should feel encouraged to keep up the great work. That's what a great workout buddy is for!

3. They Show Up

There's no right or wrong time to hit the gym. Some folks prefer starting their day with a morning workout. That requires the dedication to get yourself out of bed well before the sun comes up, no matter the season. Others would rather hit the gym for a stress-busting workout after a long day at work.

Either way, this takes a commitment from both partners not to skip out on a planned after-work session or hit snooze in the early morning. It can help with accountability when you know your workout buddy expects you to show up!

4. They Celebrate the Small Things

People gravitate toward the gym for many reasons. Increasing strength is where it's at for some, while others might be looking to take up running. Or perhaps you've been a recreational runner for some time, but now running your first 5K is your next objective.

No matter what you're out to accomplish, workout partners lend each other a helping hand as they each pursue their desired goal. They rejoice in even the smallest of successes and help each other through temporary setbacks.

5. They Motivate You to Keep Going

Nobody is going to be motivated to hit the gym every time their workout partner beckons. You're human, and sometimes life happens. But if you haven't made it to the gym in a couple of weeks, your workout partner may come a knocking! Solid workout partners motivate each other to push forward when the self-motivation tank is low, and they'll motivate you to achieve your fitness goals, too!

If you're looking to mix it up at the gym, consider finding a workout partner if you don't already have one. They might be just what your fitness journey is missing!

As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. See full medical disclaimer here.