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7 Expressions of Daily Gratitude That Can Help You Along Your Fitness Journey

man standing with outstretched arms by sunset
You can implement a daily gratitude routine into your workout regimen (and everyday life) using these seven expressions.
by Lindsay Tigar

What's the first thing you do every morning when you wake up? Check your phone? Hit snooze?

To consistently start your day off on the right side of the bed, consider practicing daily gratitude instead.

As numerous studies have indicated, an attitude of thankfulness has many benefits. From inspiring you to prioritize self-care and making you more patient to helping you enjoy more shut-eye, counting your gifts — rather than measuring your shortcomings — is a powerful mental tool!

To maintain this positive approach throughout the rest of your day, try introducing a daily gratitude routine into your workout regimen. Here are seven helpful expressions to repeat anytime you're in need of a boost.

1. "I can go to the gym"

Although it may seem like a given, your ability to join a gym and walk (or drive yourself) there is something to be thankful for. Considering there are many regions of the world where access to exercise in a gym facility is limited, it's a good idea to start your sweat session by reminding yourself of this simple privilege. You may find yourself appreciating your time in the gym even more!

2. "I'm able to push my body"

Experiencing tender or sore muscles as you roll over to head to work? That's nothing a little daily gratitude can't fix! While your gym sessions may leave you feeling some minor discomfort at first, sore muscles mean you're doing something right. Let the feeling serve as a reminder that you're pushing your body and working your muscles in an effort to improve your health and endurance.

3. "I have access to vegetables and healthy foods"

If you find yourself only focusing on workouts, take a moment to turn your attention toward nutrition. When you're more aware of what you're consuming, you can enjoy heightened energy levels and improved health. The fact you can go to the market and fill your grocery bag with ripe vegetables and other heart-friendly foods is definitely something to be grateful for!

4. "I'm stronger than I think"

Truth be told, nearly everyone fails to give themselves enough credit. When it comes to your fitness routine and ability to persevere, you are likely more resilient than you realize (and stronger than you think). Simply making it to the gym takes a lot of commitment, so don't sell yourself short! Every time you work out, you become a healthier and stronger version of yourself. That's definitely worth celebrating.

5. "I have a wonderful support system"

Whether it's workout buddies you met at the gym, your best friends from college, or your colleagues at the office, draw inspiration from the people who always motivate you to do more. Thinking of their encouragement and support can help you squeeze in a workout even when you don't feel like it, challenge yourself to try a new piece of equipment, or simply be a better person. Let your daily gratitude be reflective of your network of cheerleaders.

6. "I'm able to meet my goals"

Regardless if you decided to take a rest day or go for a long run with a pal, take a moment to consider the progress you've made over a week. You might be a tad faster in your sprints. Or maybe you can lift a little more weight than last week. Perhaps you're now able to groove a little deeper into a squat. Whatever small — or significant — improvements you've made, celebrate them! And be thankful you're healthy enough to keep working toward your goals.

7. "I have everything I need"

While it is human nature to always want more, when you get to the core of what matters in life, you'll probably realize you have everything you need to be happy. This simple fact can help remind you to practice daily gratitude as you tackle another week of workouts. After all, the kinder you are to yourself, the happier you'll be at the office, in your relationships, and, of course, at the gym.

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