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Exclusive Q&A with NASCAR Pro Joey Logano

Joey Logano in a Planet Fitness gym

Planet Fitness welcomes all fitness journeys from beginners and beyond, each setting their own pace. Some members are known for their pace – like NASCAR driver Joey Logano. Planet Fitness is lucky to have such awesome members, but it is even more awesome when we get to sit down with them and find out what they do best in our clubs. We sat down with Joey and asked him a few questions about his fitness on and off the race track including when he is at Planet Fitness. Find out what he enjoys and his go-to’s!

Planet Fitness: How do you stay in shape during the off-season?

      Joey: I do my best to eat right and stay on a consistent workout routine. Overall, my workouts don’t change too much during the off-season. My goal is to work out every day, either by running or circuit training to keep         my cardio up.

Planet Fitness: What’s your go-to exercise routine before a big race?

      Joey: Once I’m in my race car and the green flag is about to drop, my heart rate per minute starts to escalate. Cyclist and runners who compete have similar long workout routines that focus on long periods of high heart rate intensity training. Planet Fitness provides a variety of equipment, between treadmills, bikes and row machines, which are perfect for my training.

Planet Fitness: What types of workouts are most helpful for NASCAR drivers?

     Joey: Having a good core and great endurance seem to pay off the most in racing. With power steering in our race cars, massive arm strength isn’t a priority. But over a long period of time, if your arms aren’t conditioned properly, fatigue can kick in real quick. Fatigue can definitely show the most when we’re road course racing. Road course racing is a full body workout when you think about all the shifting and turning we have to do in a short period of time. Some of the tracks we visit have 13 turns and we have to shift multiple times per lap. All these movements can be quite the workout when we do it non-stop for a few hours straight.

Planet Fitness: Do you prefer morning or evening workouts?

     Joey: I’m definitely a morning guy. Especially, since my new son was born in January. He’s my extra alarm clock in the morning.

Planet Fitness: Massage chair or Hydromassage?

     Joey: Both options are definitely nice, However, that Hydromassage is quite amazing!

Planet Fitness: Do you prefer PF’s Pizza Monday or Bagel Tuesday?

     Joey: I’m Italian… So I’d have to go with Pizza Monday

Planet Fitness: Do you listen to music while you work out? What’s your go-to song or playlist?

      Joey: Yes. I do listen to music when I work out. I listen to all types of music. I’ll jam out to today’s music you hear on the radio, but it’s not rare if a lot of old hip-hop songs pop up on my playlist. I honestly like a wide variety of music.

Planet Fitness: How many Planet Fitness locations have you been to in your life, and which one is your favorite?

     Joey: Wow. I’ve honestly been to so many locations that I can’t recall on how many I’ve been to. With Grand Opening events, special occasions and finding local spots on the road, I have been to a bunch of Planet Fitness locations. I don’t necessarily have a favorite location, because the cool thing about Planet Fitness gyms are they make you feel at home right away. So regardless of where I’m at, as soon as I start working out, I instantly feel in my comfort zone.