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How to Spring Clean and Organize Sports Equipment and Athletic Wear

water bottles, dumbells and a towel laid out neatly
'Tis the season for spring cleaning! Learn how to organize your sports equipment.

by Lindsay Tigar

When the weather shifts and the temperature rises, you'll likely feel your spirits lift with the arrival of the new season! In addition to changing out your wardrobe, it's also a smart time to organize sports equipment you have sitting around!

From the dusty boxing gloves and overworn sneaks to the piles of athletic wear you may have in your drawers, part of spring cleaning is giving your athletic stash a scrub. If you haven't thought about these corners of your closet in a while, don't sweat it! Instead, follow these tips and strategies for athletic equipment spring cleaning.

1. Analyze Your Wardrobe

You may have loved those workout pants when you bought them two years ago, but how are they looking now? When you organize sports equipment, you'll want to cut ties with any athletic wardrobe staples that are no longer serving their purpose. Any pants or tanks that are see-through should be replaced, and the same is true of fabrics that no longer wick moisture — or are frayed at the seams.

For women, sports bras that offer no support don't have a place in your closet anymore. It's better to invest in high-quality staples that help make your workouts easier and hassle-free.

2. Be Mindful of Your Shoes

When you start to organize sports equipment for the new season, you can't forget about your athletic sneakers. After all, they get you through every run, lunge, and weight-lifting session!

There are different ways to tell if your shoes have reached their limit, and the biggest factor is typically how long and how frequently you've used them. Experts recommend cutoffs at 12 months for weight-lifting, 6 months for training (think circuit training or similar workouts), and up to 500 miles for running. You can also tell a lot by looking at the treads and soles. If they're falling apart, it's probably time to toss the pair.

3. Think About Your Gym Bag

When your gym bag reaches the point where it is no longer easy to carry, falls off your shoulder, or doesn't zip or close properly, consider it a sign that you should treat yourself to a new one. Much like a briefcase or a handbag, functionality is essential here. When you organize sports equipment in general, be critical of the structure and seams of items, and determine whether any loose ends would make your routine more of a hassle.

4. Let Go of Unused At-Home Goods

When was the last time you used that ab roller from high school? How about any of those ten water bottles hanging out behind storage containers in your kitchen? Those hand weights your dad passed down to you? Once you join a gym and find a community you adore, having these items at home will likely become unnecessary. When you organize sports equipment for the spring, think hard about how often you really use certain things and whether they're worth the clutter.

Now that you're armed with the best strategies for editing your wardrobe, it's time to get excited! Turn up your favorite happy-beat playlist and prepare for your workout! Happy cleaning!