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Looking to Get Back Into a Routine? Spring Back With These Tips!

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Spring into your gym routine!

by Lindsay Tigar

Sometimes when you set out to find your groove in fitness you fall off the bandwagon, and that's OK! Whatever the cause for the break may be, everyone has good reason to get back into a routine if it's been a while since they last hit the gym.

Instead of guilting yourself for not sticking with your routine at first, try to view the start of a new season as an opportunity to spring into action and reset for the sunny days ahead! To develop healthy workout habits, it's important to find ways to motivate yourself and get back into a routine. Here are a few ideas that can make a difference in jumpstarting your motivation!

1. Wake Up Just 15 Minutes Earlier

Or half an hour earlier if you can swing it! Research has shown that early birds don't just get the worm; they're also better at sticking to a schedule and developing healthy habits in general.

To get back into a routine, don't shift your 8 a.m. alarm to 6 a.m. and set yourself up for disappointment. Instead, begin waking up earlier in 15-minute increments. This can be a more gradual way of giving yourself more time for fitness, coffee, reading, or a long shower. Also, since it's springtime, more minutes awake can mean more minutes enjoying the lovely weather!

2. Set Goals ... and Rewards!

Creating smart goals and matching them with rewards can be great ways to help you to get back into a routine. It's a trick that many parents use to entice their kids into helping around the house, but the same logic can work for adults!

Maybe you want to hit up the gym four times a week or run a mile without stopping. Whatever your milestone, match it with something to look forward to — perhaps a new juicer, a colorful pair of kicks, or even a long weekend away with loved ones.

3. Find a Buddy

You know how the saying goes: There's strength in numbers. Finding a friend who also enjoys fitness can help you with accountability if you're struggling to remain consistent. Even if you don't work out every single day together, having someone to cheer you on and encourage you to keep on keeping on can make a huge difference in your attitude.

4. Take It Outside

Soon enough, you can pack up your winter boots and pick up your sandals or loafers! Spring means pretty weather, and this can allow for more time outdoors exercising.

On days when you can't be bothered to head to the gym, simply go for a walk — or a run, if that's more your speed. Whatever your routine of choice, the coming sunshine might just make for a more enjoyable workout experience. After all, what better time to spring back into your routine?

As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. See full medical disclaimer here.