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12 Workouts to Try in Pride Month

Inclusive workouts for pride month


At Planet Fitness, we believe that you should feel accepted, respected and that You Belong®. Our vision—celebrating and championing diversity. Increasing access to fitness and wellness. Providing an environment where everyone feels like they belong. Our Judgement Free Zone® embodies our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and fuels our actions not only within our clubs, but also for our employees, franchisees and the communities we serve.

And June is the month to flex your pride! Planet Fitness’ Pride workout series features 12 workouts with top trainers Venus Lau and Toby Massenburg. Plus, they’re all accessible on the PF App for free. 

Wear it loud and proud by shopping our Pride Collection today! We're donating all sale profits* from our PF Pride Collection to the It Gets Better Project. By purchasing our merch, you’re making a positive impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ youth.

Exercise Benefits Every Body 

Planet Fitness values supporting everyone throughout their health and wellness journey and while, unfortunately, not every gym feels safe for every body, our space has always been—and will continue to be—open for all. 

Here are a few of our favorite things working out regularly can do:

  1. Increase Energy. A few—even short—weekly workout sessions will increase daily energy levels. And it gets better the longer you stick with it!
  2. Releases Endorphins. When your heart rate is elevated and blood pumps throughout your body, your brain releases chemicals like dopamine, making you happy. Plain and simple.
  3. Better Mental Health. The endorphins lead to other mental health benefits, such as lower levels of stress and fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. 
  4. Better Quality of Life. Overall, even a little bit of exercise each week is a healthy way to occupy the brain and care for the body instead of falling into a sedentary lifestyle. 

These benefits barely scratch the surface of all the advantages just a few exercises a week can offer. Beyond these, regular cardio can also lead to better bone health and balance, improved memory and sleep, and increased energy. 

12 Workouts to Try During Pride Month

Ranging from strength and cardio to mobility, each workout starts with a guiding mantra to keep you motivated.  Wherever you are in your fitness journey, these workouts are for you.  Let’s move!

1. Intermediate Core Burnout

This 16-minute class led by Toby invokes a mantra focused on spirit: I am courageous and capable of overcoming challenges. 

2. Beginner Mobility Flow

Trainer Venus uses a mantra that keeps you focused on the breath: Breath is my life force. I control the energy flowing in and the energy I choose to release. 

3. Beginner Core Strength

Toby’s mantra for this class? Serenity. I will give myself love without conditions. A perfect mantra for Pride Month: No rules, just self love!

4. Beginner Full Body Strength

Using the acceptance mantra, “I accept the truth of where I am NOW in this moment,” you’ll target every muscle group in the body while Venus cheers you on.

5. Intermediate Core-dio 

Toby challenges your endurance with a prosperity mantra: I am resourceful. I am powerful. I thrive. 

6. Intermediate Full Body Dumbbell Strength 

Venus starts this 27-minute workout with a mantra of strength: I am here. I showed up. I am committed. I am stronger by being here. 

7. Beginner Core-dio 

With a mantra focused on embracing new ideas, this workout improves endurance through a unique core and cardio combo. Breathe in with Toby: Today I will be curious and explore, not judgmental. 

8. Intermediate Full Body Strength and Cardio Combo 

Venus’ mantra reminds you that you are born this way: I am meant to follow my own heart and create my perfectly imperfect path to something better than I could dream. 

9. Intermediate Full Body Strength 

Ready to kick it up a notch? Grab some dumbbells and embrace Toby’s healing mantra: My body is my home, and I will treat it with care.

10. Beginner Bodyweight Core 

Venus leads this 28-minute bodyweight core workout with a mantra of power: I step into my power energy to create flow! 

11. Beginner Full Body Strength 

Toby guides you through a full-body strength workout focused on life. You’ll work with the mantra, “Life has meaning beyond what others may think of me.” 

12. Intermediate Full Body Power

Venus guides you through our final Pride Month workout with the mantra of adaptability: Adaptability is my greatest strength in navigating my mind and body through love and fear. Adaptability is how I flow through life. 

While on your fitness journey, make sure to take breaks to sip water and rest. Knowing your limits regarding physical activity and watching for signs of overexertion is essential.  It’s better to start small and grow gradually rather than over-extend yourself early. 

Flex Your Pride: Planet Fitness’ Pride Collection

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