New Corporate Employees!

In partnership with your organization, we’re excited to offer you the unique Planet Fitness, Judgement Free® experience at a discount.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

All members who join through your company’s offer will receive a waived enrollment fee and have no membership-duration commitment. PF BLACK CARD® members will also enjoy a waived annual fee.

This offer is available exclusively online and is not available for in-club joins.

To join online:

If you are new to Planet Fitness or you are not a current member, click the “New to Planet Fitness: Join Now” button on this page and follow the instructions. If you are currently a Planet Fitness member on a monthly payment plan and would like to be included in your company’s plan, click the purple “Update Your Membership” button under “Already a Planet Fitness member?” and follow the instructions. You will need your member key tag number and the billing Zip code of your current membership to complete this process. The benefits of this move may vary depending on the agreement your company has signed.

If you are currently a Planet Fitness paid-in-full annual member, you should complete the term of your current agreement and then join using your company’s plan. A paid-in-full annual membership is one where you paid for your entire membership up front upon joining Planet Fitness.

“Start-up fee” and “enrollment fee” both refer to the same, one-time fee and for corporate members only, we are waiving this fee!

The annual fee is a once-per-year membership fee in addition to your monthly membership fee. It is typically $39, but may vary from club to club. An annual fee applies only to CLASSIC corporate memberships. For PF BLACK CARD® corporate members, the annual fee is waived.

All Planet Fitness locations in the U.S.—including Puerto Rico—are participating in this program.

For new members, you will be presented with an opportunity to enter you city, state/province/territory, and/or Zip code/Postal code and the nearest Planet Fitness clubs will appear on a map and in a list.

No, your company’s offer is available online only. In-club joins are not permitted for corporate memberships. Your local club staff will not have information about or access to your company’s exclusive offer. If you experience problems signing up online, please contact Planet Fitness Member Services at: (844) 880-7180 or http://www.planetfitness.com/contact-planet-fitness.

Please print out your confirmation email and bring it to your home club. Check in at the front desk to receive your key tag. You will also get a tour of the club and a team member will answer your questions about what Planet Fitness has to offer!

No. Corporate memberships do not require a 12-month commitment. You may cancel your membership at any time without penalty.

If you are already a member who pays a monthly membership fee, then you may move to your company’s plan. The benefits of such a move are dependent upon the plan your company sponsors and may vary from company to company. Contact your company for specific details.

If you have an annual pre-paid or paid-in-full membership, you may move to your company’s plan at any time, but the remaining balance of your paid-in-full membership will not be refunded.

YES. After you are identified as being eligible for an employer-funded membership, you will be given the option to join Planet Fitness as a PF Black Card® member at a reduced price and have access to all the perks and benefits of being a PF Black Card® member.

No, unless your company has specifically negotiated for family membership benefits, only eligible employees may take advantage of your company’s offer. Please contact your company’s benefits manager if you have questions.