One in a million (well technically 14 million)

An established and well known brand that appeals to a broad member demographic who likes what we stand for. We aren’t stopping now!


We cater to the 80% of the population that does not belong to a gym.*

The Judgement Free Zone®

Our judgement-free environment appeals to first-time gym users (which accounts for 40% of our members).


We outrank all of our competitors in top-of-mind awareness – and those numbers are growing!


Planet Fitness ranked #9 in Entrepreneur's "2019 Fastest Growing Franchises."


Planet Fitness was ranked #3 by Forbes in the high investment category in America's Best & Worst Franchises in 2018.


Franchise Times named us in their "Fast & Serious" rankings as one of the fastest growing franchise brands in their January 2019 magazine.


CJ Bouchard
When you look at our clubs today, there are clubs that are 30 or 40,000 square feet that are Planet Fitnesses, and that’s grown exponentially from that 12 to 15,000 square foot size that we started off with. We’re definitely going to be able to evolve but keep that brand.
Gerald Kennedy
My mom … would not have walked into a Gold’s Gym that I owned before. She would have walked into one of these. This is for everybody. Everybody and anybody can belong.
Dave Leon
We systematically, fundamentally, single-handedly changed the fitness industry. We’re so innovative and we’re so true to our model, and passionate … (the competitors) will never catch us.
Frank Kindler
I still remember way back when we were speaking to (the owners) and they were saying, ‘with Planet Fitness we’re giving you steak but we’re charging you the hamburger price’ – and I think we’ve taken that a whole step further. I think it’s more like filet now.
Chris Rondeau
We created a model here that caters to first-time gym users. We’re getting them in our doors and getting them healthy. This was almost a movement more than anything, where people have a common belief – the franchisees, the members, corporate – of fitness for everyone.

* Approximately 80% of the U.S. and Canadian populations over age 14 do not belong to a gym