12 Local woman transforms lifestyle, sheds weight, boosts emotional health

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Woman working out with trainer
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Sharon Coyle, left, of Cumberland, works out with trainer Ana Miranda at Planet Fitness in Pawtucket. (Breeze photo by Talia Ghazal)

PAWTUCKET – Sharon Coyle has been attending the gym every day since Aug. 14 of last year, and her results are nothing short of remarkable.

Coyle, 54, of Cumberland, previously weighed in around 220 pounds, was on four shots of insulin a week due to diabetes, and was suffering from depression. Doctors had a simple cure: exercise and a healthy diet.

Prior to her newfound fitness and diet regime, Coyle was also taking medication for cholesterol, high blood pressure and stomach problems, and using a respiratory pump.

“I’m off all those now,” she explains. “Since Aug. 14, I’ve lost 65 lbs. I’m not only physically healthier, my emotional and psychological health has had a major boost.”

She does her diet and exercise routines under the watchful eye of her trainer at Planet Fitness in Pawtucket, Ana Miranda. Coyle says she sticks to the dietary plan that Miranda created. The diet is mostly plant-based, but includes protein foods, eating five to six small meals each day. She now drinks nothing but water or green tea.

“Carbs should be eaten during the day,” Miranda says. “It’s best to avoid them when eating dinner.”

Instead of putting a label on her diet, Coyle prefers to say she’s simply “eating healthy.”

“It’s not a vegetarian or vegan diet because if I want protein I’ll eat a boiled egg, or some chicken and fish here and there,” she said. “I want to live longer and be with my children. It’s not just a diet – it’s a lifestyle change.”

As for fitness and exercises, Miranda motivates Coyle while training her how to do each exercise properly.

“Every day we have a different routine,” said Miranda. “You should work different body parts every time you step into the gym.”

Miranda says cardio is a must when working out, adding that one should concentrate on two body parts during each workout session.

“Sharon’s results are due to a strong fitness routine combined with a healthy nutrition plan,” says Miranda. “I’ve seen others with similar experiences to Sharon’s.”

Between the weight loss and her new lifestyle, Coyle says she feels 30 years younger. She said the confidence she’s gained from attending the gym under Miranda’s guidance is exactly what the doctor recommended.

“I love strong women, and I love when we stick together,” says Coyle. “Ana has been a great motivating force for me; in return, I want to share my story and encourage a healthy lifestyle for others out there struggling with obesity and depression.”

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