Che’ Haughton, 39, of McDonough lost 150 pounds

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Che' Haughton before and after losing 150 pounds
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SUCCESS STORY /Che’ Haughton, 39: From 325 pounds to 175 pounds

Che’ Haughton, 39, of McDonough lost 150 pounds

By Michelle C. Brooks

September 17, 2019



SUCCESS STORY /Che’ Haughton, 39: From 325 pounds to 175 pounds

Former weight: 325 pounds

Current weight: 175 pounds

Pounds lost: 150 pounds

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Age: 39 years

How long she’s kept it off: She started in 2014 and reached her current weight in 2018.

Personal life: “I am single with a 9-year-old daughter, Aubrienne,” Haughton said. “I hold a DBA, doctor of business administration, and I work in banking management.” She lives in McDonough and has a YouTube channel, @CheInspires. She also has a website:

Turning point: “I became committed to my weight-loss journey about five years ago — my daughter was the inspiration. … The turning point was when my daughter wanted to eat everything that I ate,” Haughton said. “I knew that I had to change or she would grow up with unhealthy habits, and it would be all my fault. Since I had been overweight my entire life, I did not want her to experience the bullying and such due to being overweight — I had to change.”

Diet plan: Keto worked until she no longer desired meat. Breakfast is oats., Lunch is kale salad, and dinner is salmon with cauliflower rice and broccoli.

Exercise routine: “During this journey, I have become a huge gym enthusiast,” Haughton said. “… Planet Fitness opened in my local area almost two years ago, and it gave me a way to enjoy the gym at an affordable price. … In the beginning, I started slow, walking 15 minutes per day, then incrementally increasing over time. Now, I work out three to five days per week.”

Biggest challenge: “Biggest challenge was changing my mind,” Haughton said. “Food was my crutch. Food replaced my absent father, my broken relationship — everything. It was always there and it was plentiful, so I had to address why I chose food to run to instead of confronting the root of the issue. … My mind has changed and I do not view food the same.”

How life has changed: “Fear is expensive. I had always been fearful of losing weight. I have been overweight my entire life. I did not know life any other way,” Haughton said. “However, fear cost me so many things, so I decided to just commit to myself and fill myself with God. … I am living a life I have never lived before. I am a new being. I can do things that I have never imagined like hiking Stone Mountain multiple times or riding roller coasters that I could never fit in before. I am not recognized by those of my past because not only is my body different, but my total being is now different. I speak differently, I carry myself differently. … I do public speaking engagements to share encouragement with others. I inspire thousands daily on my social networks. I am able to keep up with my young daughter. I’m just living a life I never imagined.”


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