Men with 'dad bods' are happier, more attractive to women, survey claims

By William Pugh | The Sun

Men with a slight paunch and a distinct lack of cheese grater abs are officially "more attractive" than they were in the past.

Dad bods have been a "thing" since around 2016 and according to Planet Fitness, the modern body type's popularity is on the up.

Despite the abundance of chiseled "Love Island Adonis" on our screens and in our magazines, it appears more and more people are turning their backs on the traditional Herculean physique.

There are many famous celebs - including Danny Dyer and Chris Pratt - who became poster boys for the bulkier build and this seems to have boosted its popularity.

Pratt revealed in March how he shed the pounds for a movie role but the Hollywood star has always appeared comfortable in his skin whatever his weight.

And the label even gets applied to soccer icons.

After Belgian wizard Eden Hazard signed for Real Madrid from Chelsea, pictures were released of his medical with the winger proudly showing off his very own dad bod.

For those unaware of the dad bod requirements, it's less about total disregard for your health and physical appearance. And more about embracing the small doughy sections that come from not "hitting the gym" 19 times-a-day.

Boundless mental health benefits come from learning to love your body and realizing the "pectoral Petes" we see all around us are not realistic portrayals of the modern man.

And it seems more people are finding this new mindset - as well as the new body type - attractive.

Survey results published by Planet Fitness show 78 percent of people think confidence is king.

The summary said: "Nearly four in five among both women and men believe a 'dad bod' is a sign of a man who is confident in his own skin."

Results also show 65 percent of people say the dad bod is attractive while 61 percent said men with dad bods are sexy - which is up ten percent in 2018.

With body positivity on the rise, the national study showed 23 million men in the United States claimed to have a dad bod - 71 percent of whom believe it is universally accepted.

As a result of the widespread acceptance that blokes don't have to look like Cristiano Ronaldo - guys with dad bods are also general happier than they were in 2018 - this year's results show.

The survey said: "More men with a dad bod - this year in comparison to last - say they are happier with their body - 79 percent vs. 64 percent.

"Having that body type has improved their life in some way - 72 percent vs. 62 percent.

"Dad bod has made them more relaxed - 46 percent vs. 37 percent.

"Men who say their 'dad bod' has improved their life this year claim their body type has helped them accept themselves - 48 percent.

"Or made them less concerned with their appearance - 47 percent."

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