The Secret Of Planet Fitness's Success

New Year's resolutions are typically made when the confetti is still in the air. But when it comes time to make good on the promise of getting into shape, many people are intimidated by gyms filled with musclebound bodybuilders. That's where Planet Fitness comes in. CEO Michael Grondahl co-founded Planet Fitness in 1992, branding it as the antifitness fitness club, with cheap memberships and a judgment-free environment for anyone interested in getting off the couch. The decision has paid off. The Newington, New Hampshire, business had $519.7 million in revenue in 2011, landing it at No. 1,752 on the Inc. 5000. Planet Fitness has about 4.4 million members and 616 clubs across 48 states. Below, Grondahl explains how Planet Fitness keeps people sweating during the coldest, busiest months of the year. 

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