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What to Look for in Workout Leggings

Find the perfect pair of workout leggings by learning more about fit, fabrics and features. Here's what to consider when you're shopping around. 

4 Tips on How to Do Squats the Right Way

Despite our ancestors spending a lot of time in the squat position, these days, many people aren't sure how to do squats properly. Here's the low-down. 

7 Benefits of a Workout Buddy

Most activities are more fun with a friend, so why not reap the benefits of a workout buddy? 

4 Tips to Help You Reap the Benefits of Walking

In order to really reap the benefits of walking and go the distance, sometimes we have to get creative. Here are a few tips to help you do exactly that. 


Planet Fitness, Home of the Judgement Free Zone®, Revisits a Growing Soft Spot for the Softer Side of Fatherhood with New Survey Results


Presents the Perfect Gift for Dad this Father’s Day – and Every Day – with a 12-Month “How-to Guide for Working Your Dad Bod” Calendar, with Proceeds Benefiting Men’s Health Initiative

5 Reasons Why a Dad Bod Is a Good Thing

Curious why a dad bod is considered sexy by more than half of the female population? We've got the answers. Read on to learn more. 

How Planet Fitness founder Chris Rondeau created the fastest growing gym chain in the US

The Planet Fitness target market is the ordinary person who wants to get fitter - but is put off going to the gym by hard-core devotees

Healthy Habits for Kids: 3 Easy Ways to Stay Active as a Family

Develop healthy habits for kids (and for yourself) with these fun family activities. Just 30 minutes of active play per day can lead to lifelong change! 

3 Go-To Dumbbell Arm Exercises for Beginners

When it comes to training your arms, there are a lot of options. Forget the guesswork. Here are three simple go-to arm exercises for beginners. 

7 Father's Day Gifts for the Fitness Lover in Your Life

What better gift than the gift of health? If the father in your life likes to work out, check out these Father's Day gifts that are sure to please.