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Free Fitness Training
Over 50 group training sessions per week
Over 50 group training sessions p/w
Most Clubs Open 24/7
We work with your schedule
Tons of Cardio & Strength
You'll never wait in line to work out
No Commitment Memberships
We are flexible to fit your life
Planet of Triumphs

Member Stories

Planet Fitness club member
I just joined PF a few days ago … I was so nervous because I’ve never been to a gym, but everyone there made me feel so welcome. I really appreciate the customer service you provide. Thank you for helping me change my life!
Planet Fitness club member
The day I walked into Planet Fitness I weighed 315 pounds. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I wanted to do something about it. Joining Planet Fitness may have saved my life. Since the first day I walked into Planet Fitness and started doing a workout program, I’ve lost 50lbs and have dropped several clothes sizes! I feel great. Everyone who sees me now tells me how good I look. All I can say to Planet Fitness is thank you for a great place to work out!
Planet Fitness club member
I was diagnosed with autism when I was 7 years old and I have been bullied badly, even out in public. So when I got my membership in March of 2013 I was scared of getting bullied. Been going since then and NOT ONCE have I gotten picked on. The staff doesn’t care. They watch out for me. They greet me with my first name. ‘Hi Jacob, how are you?’ I feel safe and I feel independent. I put on muscle. I LOVE Planet Fitness.
Planet Fitness club member
The PF staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I am always greeted with a smile and feel that the staff is happy to be there and help me with questions.
Planet Fitness club member
There are people there of every age, shape, size and fitness level.
Planet Fitness club member
The best gym I have ever belonged to... not intimidating because it attracts so many different types!
Planet Fitness club member giving a thumbs up
None of the attitude that you find at (other gyms)!