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Benefits of Fitness on Overall Health

benefits of health and fitness by Teddy

No matter where you are with your fitness experience or knowledge of exercise, fitness can have a resoundingly positive impact on your overall health and quality of life. In addition to the more well-known benefits of exercise, there are tons of ways that physical activity can help us discover our greatest potential and live our best lives! 
Here are 5 ways routine exercise can add to your overall wellness and improve your quality of life!

The Top Health Benefits of Fitness and Exercise

   1.  It Gives You More Energy!

Imagine that feeling you from your favorite cup of coffee in the morning, multiplied over throughout the day. That is the feeling your body enjoys when you get moving on a consistent basis. Exercising effectively boosts the blood flow to every part of your body including your brain. This increases oxygen flow which helps stimulate energy production within your cells. Thus, giving you a healthier spike in energy than your daily cappuccino. The best part is that your fitness training can be creative, full of variety, and fit your unique lifestyle! So, instead of reaching for a quick cup of caffeine, start your day off with some functional movement and ride that wave of good energy all day long!

   2.  It Helps Flex Your Mental Mojo

We’ve all had those moments where it feels like we’re not as mentally sharp as we’d like to be, or we’re operating in a fog that we can’t seem to escape. However, when we increase our physical activity, we simultaneously increase our mental acuteness. Scientists have found that one of the most significant benefits of exercise is that it promotes the generation of new brain cells. This process is called neurogenesis and effectively helps our brain to stay strong and fit! So, if you want to power up your mental health, jump start your daily activity and reap the rewards of both mental and physical wellness.

   3.  It Strengthens More than Meets the Eye!

It’s true, exercise can build strong muscles, help tone your body, and get ready to hit a NEW PR on your next 5k! However, did you know that it’s also equally strengthening your immune system and internal organs? When we exercise, it increases the production of white blood cells which act as our body’s internal soldiers fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses. Likewise, by adding in physical activity to your daily routine, you’re also strengthening the most important organ in your body; your heart. Cardio focused workouts like jogging, biking, hiking, or swimming can help to lower blood pressure and reduce harmful plaque buildup, which can lead to cardiac arrest or heart failure. Preventative measures like daily physical activity can not only make things FUN, it can also help you stay healthy and strong inside and out!

   4.  It Helps Reduce Stress and Alleviate Anxiety

There are many factors we deal with in our daily lives that can add undesired stress. From work-related stress to environmental issues, there never seems to be an end to those psychological and emotional sandbags that work to bog us down. But don’t fret, there’s good news! When we engage in routine physical activity our brain releases our body’s natural secret weapon to defeat both stress and anxiety, ENDORPHINS! Exercise triggers the release of these neurotransmitters from the brain that act as the body’s natural mood boosters and pain killers. So, while it seems like stress can sometimes be inescapable, it certainly be defeated with a little bit of good ole exercise!

   5. It Helps Create Interpersonal Connections

One of the most underrated benefits of fitness is that it brings people together. Planet Fitness is the perfect example of how fitness creates a community where EVERYBODY BELONGS regardless of fitness level, age, or experience. The hormones that are released during a workout session like endorphins, make you feel better and have lasting effects on your overall disposition even after you leave the gym. Studies show that this has a positive effect on social engagement which leads to the creation of healthy, supportive interactions with others. So, grab a friend and multiply the benefits of exercise together!

The benefits of fitness on our overall health and wellness are numerous and can add tremendous value to our overall quality of life. So, if you want your day to shine a little brighter, try adding some Mighty Minutes of functional movement to the agenda and bask in the glory of your best self!

Theodore Savage is a Director of Health & Fitness for Planet Fitness World Headquarters and oversees fitness programming for all Planet Fitness locations nationwide. He is a CPT and has been featured on several social media fitness platforms like United We Move (Facebook) and Moving in the Morning (CTV Morning, Instagram). He’s passionate about connecting the dots between FUN and Fitness and pushing the envelope of creativity and color within the fitness industry.