While there is not an exact formula for success at Planet Fitness, our employees share some qualities that make our organization thrive!

Passion and Positivity

Passionate and positive people are the heartbeat of our organization! Our employees are eager, upbeat and work together as a team. Positivity is contagious and we thrive on it!

Communication and Collaboration

We are a truly collaborative environment at Planet Fitness. Our most successful hires are self-motivators who take the initiative and have the ability to pull people together to reach a common goal.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinkers and problem solvers tend to progress through the organization at a rapid pace! Employees with these skills can be trusted to evaluate situations using logical thought and making decisions independently.


Our jobs change and evolve constantly at Planet Fitness. Our employees consistently try new things and challenge their abilities.


  • When submitting a resume, consider including a cover letter. This is your one opportunity to stand out and show the hiring manager who you are, why you are qualified and what excites you about applying for a role at Planet Fitness!

  • Tailor your resume for the job you are applying to. Take the time to align your skills and experience with the job description. Tie your work directly to the role and include data points.

  • Be specific about projects you have worked on. Briefly detail the outcome of the project and how success was measured.

  • If you were in a leadership role, briefly describe the size of your team and scope of the work.

  • If you are a recent graduate or have limited work experience, include school-related projects or coursework that demonstrates relevant skills and knowledge.

  • Triple check all documents for typos as this is your first impression to the hiring manager.

  • Remember, a longer resume is not a better resume! Keep it brief and to the point.


We understand interviews can be nerve-wracking! Our interview teams are a passionate, caring group of people who are excited to get to know you and answer your questions in a relaxed and conversational way.

Five tips to consider:

OneGet to know who we are as an organization. Look on our website and social media accounts, review our press releases and watch our culture video! Any information you can gain about our company, our culture and our business model is a plus.

TwoResearch your interview team on LinkedIn so you can have a basic understanding of their backgrounds and how they contribute to the big picture. This is very helpful for talking points as well!

ThreeMake sure you understand the role you are interviewing for. Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions – we want to make sure you have all the information you need to determine whether this is the right place for you.

FourThink about potential interview questions you may be asked and how you plan on answering them. Come up with your short “elevator pitch” on how you would describe yourself or how your past manager would describe you. Have a few personal stories in mind that demonstrate your problem-solving skills. This really helps the team understand how you deal with business challenges and how you articulate your thoughts.

FiveAs if interviewing isn’t stressful enough, deciding what to wear can put you over the edge! At Planet Fitness, we consider ourselves Business Casual. A good rule of thumb is to dress in “Business attire” for the first round. For men, a suit jacket and shirt (no tie) and slacks. For women, a blouse and dress pants or dress is appropriate. This is your chance to read the audience and get a feeling for our culture so you can adjust accordingly for the second round.


Phone Interview

We will start off with a brief, introductory phone interview with the talent team.

Virtual Interview

You’ll typically have one or two shorter conversations over phone or video. These will usually be with the hiring manager or peers on the team, and are designed to assess key skills you’ll need for the role.

Project Work

Certain departments ask candidates to complete a small project prior to their in-depth interviews. This could range from prepping a case study to providing writing or code samples. This helps us understand how you think and approach problems. If this is part of the interview process, there will be plenty of time to prepare for it!

In-Person Interview

If possible, we love to have candidates come to PFHQ to meet us in person and feel the vibe of our amazing culture! Interviewing is a two-way street – we want to give you the opportunity to get to know us just as we want to get to know you!