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A Realistic Guide to Setting Summer Fitness Goals

sunhat with towel and sunglasses on a pool deck
If negative thoughts start to creep into your mind — about your own body or anyone else's, for that matter — put an end to them immediately.

by Mary Lambkin

No matter the summer weather forecast, many people are already sweating at the idea of stripping down and suiting up for a season of poolside socializing. In the weeks leading up to bikini season, you might find yourself drastically changing your fitness goals with hopes of achieving the "perfect beach body."

While setting a goal to be more active is great, this summer, we challenge you to focus on your health and happiness rather than the pressure of looking a certain way. You're perfect just the way you are.

No one else is noticing how you look in your bikini, so why should you? Here is a realistic guide to setting fitness goals for the summer.

Let Your Character Speak For You

If negative thoughts start to creep into your mind — about your own body or anyone else's, for that matter — put an end to them immediately. Try switching your train of thought to something else entirely, or changing your focus to something you love about yourself.

The decisions you make and actions you take speak volumes about who you are, not your appearance. One of your fitness goals for this summer should be to remember that your appearance has nothing to do with your character.

Celebrate Your Strengths

Instead of zooming in on your perceived imperfections, make a point to celebrate your "good side" this summer. Find a suit that flatters your best features and don't feel confined to black one-pieces or baggy swim trunks. You might find that bright colors or bold prints more closely reflect your best feature — your personality!

Focus on Your Health

Going on a crash diet or a three-a-day workout plan might help you eek your way closer to your idea of the "perfect body," but these short-term interventions won't boost your long-term health. Focus on your health this summer by staying hydrated, active, and well-rested.

If your schedule allows, try to hit the gym three to five days a week, eat a salad with your burger and swap out one soft drink for a bottle of water. That way, you can enjoy all the fun of summer while also feeling good about your health.

Extend Your Judgement Free Zone®

While Planet Fitness works to maintain a welcoming, judgement-free community at all locations, there's no reason you should feel judged when you're outside the gym. A recent study(conducted by us!) found that the large majority of people are more critical of their own appearance in a bathing suit than they are of others.

That means that even if you feel like everyone is watching you at the pool, chances are they're probably too busy focusing on their own insecurities to notice your perceived flaws. Embrace your gym mentality at the pool by diving in with confidence and not making a splash about other's appearances.

There Are No Rules

If you find yourself adhering to societal "rules" about who is bikini-worthy and who is not, you should break them. No matter what your shape or size, you deserve to don the swimsuit of your choice! Set realistic fitness goals to feel healthy and happy this summer, and send those body-shaming thoughts to the deep end for good. We've got your back.