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Teddy's Mask Guide Has Your Workout Covered!

Teddy Savage, Planet Fitness trainer, wearing a mask and using the PF cleaning station
Teddy Savage, Planet Fitness Trainer, shows how you can still get a great workout while wearing a mask.

If the thought of wearing a mask seems like it could be a barrier to getting in a good workout, Teddy Savage, a Planet Fitness Trainer, is here to tell you, You Got This! We’re here to help you stay safe, healthy, and on your fitness journey. Here are Teddy's tips to help you workout, while wearing a mask.

  1. Choose a mask that works for you. Don’t get caught up in the “one size fits all” thought process when choosing your mask.
  2. Breathe to the beat of your own drum. Hum a little tune in your head to control your cadence of breath.
  3. Infuse active rest in lieu of strict cardio. It may be slightly more challenging to do steady state cardio. So instead, do a few seconds of active rest when exercising. For example, if you’re on the treadmill jogging on an incline, decrease the incline or slow to a fast walk to catch your breath. Then, you can speed back up again.  
  4. Plan for breaks into your routine. Place breaks into your routine as you are getting used to working out with a mask.
  5. Use shorter time intervals for your work to rest ratio. Instead of doing one 60 second time interval, break it up into two 30 second or three 20 second intervals. 

See you in the club!