Megan Thee Stallion on Finding Motivation to Work Out on 'Tough Days': 'Exercise Is an Investment' (Exclusive)

Megan Thee Stallion knows the importance of keeping up with her fitness routine — even when she may not fully want to.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE, the rapper, 28, opens up about her new partnership with Planet Fitness ahead of the New Year, and how she finds motivation to work out on "tough days" when she may not always be motivated to hit the gym.

Detailing that she maintains a busy lifestyle that includes a lot of working and traveling, Megan says, "There are always going to be tough days, but I remind myself that exercise is an investment into my long-term physical and mental health."

"I love how working out brings mental clarity and physical energy, so I trust the process and grind it out," the "Cobra" crooner continues.

"It also comes down to having good people around you to be your gym accountability partner," Megan adds, highlighting the importance of having "a strong support system."

For Megan, maintaining her fitness routine amid her busy schedule as a musician can be tough, but she does it by staying focused.

"It goes back to being disciplined and determined, even while on the road," she says. "I work really hard to maintain my fitness routine and stay committed to getting the results I want."

Megan also knows the importance of sticking to a healthy diet alongside staying fit, which is why she has switched up what she eats in her day-to-day life.

"Having a healthy and balanced diet is a huge part of my process. I’ve integrated a lot of fruit and vegetables into my meals — I love protein-rich meals and I drink lots of healthy smoothies — so I’m definitely proud of the adjustments I’ve made," she explains. "It takes a lot of discipline and consistency, but I try to be extra health-conscious with everything I put into my body."

Through her partnership with Planet Fitness — which has an offer for new members to join for $0.24 down and no commitment from Dec. 30 to Jan. 12 — Megan stars in advertisements as "Mother Fitness," who is described as a "fierce fitness goddess-like persona," per the company.

"I’m really excited to partner with Planet Fitness because working out is such an important part of my life," she tells PEOPLE. "Fitness can have such a powerful and positive impact on your body, mind and soul, so it’s an authentic collaboration that truly connects to my personal and professional interests."

"At the end of the day, both Planet Fitness and I want everyone to invest in their physical and mental health, feel empowered to enjoy exercising and reach their personal fitness goals," adds Megan, who will perform on the Planet Fitness stage in Times Square during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2024.

The partnership also includes a unique AR filter and in-app Planet Fitness workouts inspired by Megan and her passion for fitness, as well as a charitable co-branded merchandise line that will benefit the Pete & Thomas Foundation, the non-profit organization that Megan founded that focuses on uplifting and assisting underserved communities in her hometown of Houston, Texas, and across the world through education, housing, health and wellness.

"Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand, and it’s a huge priority for me," Megan says. "For such a long time, our society had a negative stigma around mental health, so I’m committed to doing my part to normalize the conversation and provide people with the right resources to get the necessary help."

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