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5 Benefits of Working Out at a Gym

legs on a treadmill
Unlike a specific class or studio, the gym offers strength, cardio, stretching, and more!

by Mary Lambkin

If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long term, the gym is a great place to get started! You can squeeze in a workout at your own pace, on your own time, and in your own style without having to worry about sticking to a strict schedule or specific instructions. The benefits of working out at a gym are undeniable, even when compared to the perks of workout classes and studios. Read on to learn why working out at a gym is often the best fit for busy, active, and enthusiastic fitness seekers!

1. Set Your Own Schedule

One of the best benefits of working out at a gym is that you can work out whenever you want! 24/7 access for members at many locations means you can squeeze in a workout whenever it best suits your schedule. Whether you're an early bird exerciser or a night owl with energy to burn, the doors are open for your workout. If your calendar is all over the place due to a demanding job, frequent travel, or a busy family, working out at an all-access gym might be the best option for you.

2. Mix Things Up

Unlike a specialized studio, a well-stocked gym can offer equipment for every type of workout. This can provide you with the option to mix things up to help you stay engaged as you exercise. Try balancing out a week of workouts with strength conditioning, cardio, and stretching. Then try new strength machines, hit up the weights room, or get your heart rate going with a cardio blast! Not only can switching up your workout keep things from getting boring, but it can also keep your body from acclimating to one exercise, which could halt progress over time.

3. Go At Your Own Pace

Planet Fitness trainers are always available to guide your workouts, but the wonderful thing is that you're your own boss at the gym! Don't worry about hovering instructors or what others are thinking. At the gym, you're free to go at your own pace, so take an easy day when you feel like it or cut your workout short if you need to — there's no judgement here!

4. Push Your Limits

One of the top benefits of working out at a gym is that you can push your limits and make progress toward a stronger, healthier self. Unlike a planned fitness class, a gym workout allows you to pursue your own specific personal goals.

Don't feel bogged down by certain exercises, a strict workout duration, or limited resources! With plenty of space and pieces of equipment at your fingertips, the gym is ready to help you reach your goals.

5. Go Solo or Go Social

Sometimes fitness classes can feel too crowded with people, making it tough to find your zen or clear your mind during a workout. At the gym, you're more than welcome to soak up your "me time" and zone out to a good TV show or playlist during your workout. On the other hand, the gym is also a great place to socialize and make friends if you like to chat or prefer the partnership of a workout buddy.

So why not take your fitness experience into your own hands? With all the equipment and expertise you could need on your fitness journey, the gym awaits!

As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. See full medical disclaimer here.