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5 Flavored Water Recipes That Will Keep Your Glass Half-Full

three mason jars of water with different flavorings
5 Flavored Water Recipes That Will Keep Your Glass Half-Full

by Catherine Santino

We know that hydration is a key element of wellness, and when you're exercising, it's even more important. Still, drinking water all day long can easily become boring, especially if you're trying to replace sodas or other sugary drinks you might be used to.

By simply adding a few fresh ingredients, you can create delicious flavored water that's all natural. Get creative with your drinks and make each glass more unique and delicious than the next, while still getting all the hydration your body needs.

Here are a few flavored water recipes to (literally) spice up your daily H2O intake:

1. Strawberry Mint

A few slices of strawberry and some mint leaves will take your glass of water from boring to cocktail-level delicious. Try this one first thing in the morning; the mint will leave you feeling super refreshed and awake.

2. Apple Cinnamon Vanilla

Flavored water doesn't have to only include fruit. Try adding cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean and green apple slices to your water for a unique, winter-inspired drink. You could even add the ingredients to hot water to make your own all-natural tea; stir in a little local honey or add a sprinkle of cinnamon.

3. Tropical Fruit

Throw in some frozen tropical fruits (like mango, pineapple, peach, guava or papaya) for an ultra-refreshing experience (and a snack when your water is gone). No ice necessary!

4. Cucumber and Blackberry

If fruit isn't exactly your favorite thing, try easing into it with milder flavors. Cucumbers add a subtle, crisp flavor to water that makes it much more drinkable but not overly sweet. You can then incorporate berries for an added fresh and complementary flavor.

5. Rose, Lemon and Strawberry

Rose petals, lemon wedges and strawberry slices make for a unique (and colorful) infused water drink. Pour it into a fancy glass to kick it up a notch.

For the best and most flavorful results, mix your infused waters overnight and keep them in the fridge. This allows the flavors to blend together and create a bolder taste. The next morning, you'll have a delicious and all-natural way to stay hydrated throughout the day.

If you're feeling really ambitious, create several jars of your favorite recipes and store them in the fridge for the week. That way, you'll have no excuse to drink plenty of fluids all week long. Your body — and your taste buds — will thank you!