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5 Tips for a Healthy Weekend, When You Just Feel Like Sleeping

Planet Fitness member working out on a weight machine
How can you get motivated to work out on a Saturday?

by Catherine Sanino

Wondering how to become a weekend gym warrior? The kind that is motivated to work out even on a Saturday? It's entirely possible. All you need are a few fun and creative tips for a healthy weekend.

Usually, by the time the weekend rolls around, most people just want to laze in bed, binge-watch some shows and indulge in a delicious brunch. It's an understandable urge — the week has taken its toll, and the body is craving some (much deserved) rest and relaxation.

But getting yourself to the gym is another way to reward and re-energize your body after a long week. It might not be your first instinct on a Saturday morning, but a weekend workout session can help flush away the week's tension and prepare you for whatever Monday has in store. Here are five helpful tips for a healthy weekend.

1. Make It a Team Effort

Find a workout buddy and agree on a set time to meet up every weekend. Not only will you be held accountable, but you and your friend can help motivate and inspire each other during your workouts (and toast to your success over smoothies afterward).

2. Find an Activity That You Look Forward To

Stop choosing your workouts based on how they'll impact your physical appearance. Instead, find a routine that makes you feel good, inside and out. If strength training makes you miserable, don't do it — maybe the treadmill is a better fit for you on the weekends.

Once you find something that you look forward to every week, it'll be much easier to pull yourself out of bed and hit the gym.

3. Invest in Good Workout Gear

Investing in workout attire can not only improve the quality of your exercises, it can also make you feel confident and inspired. You're much more likely to wake up and head to the gym if you're obsessed with your new running shoes and want to show the world.

4. Keep a Record of How You Feel After Working Out

Before the endorphins wear off, write down all the good things you're feeling — physically, mentally and emotionally — after a weekend sweat session. This log can serve as excellent motivation on those days when you're feeling less than inspired to get out of the house and go to the gym.

You'll soon realize that while you may sometimes regret not exercising, you never regret when you do.

5. Don't Pressure Yourself (Too Much)

It's healthy to challenge yourself, but try to avoid creating hard and fast rules that put too much pressure on yourself. If you say, "I absolutely have to wake up at 8 a.m. to go for a run, and if I don't, I am lazy and useless," you'll likely end up disappointed and frustrated. Instead, set more attainable goals. Saying something like, "This weekend, I will go for a run," establishes your intent but this way you put less pressure on yourself.

With these tips, you can officially join the ranks of weekend warriors. As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. See full medical disclaimer here.