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The Art of the Gym Selfie: Celebrate Your Workout!

woman in planet fitness taking a selfie
Hold your phone slightly above eye-level to get the best selfie angle!

by Mary Lambkin

Working out is definitely something worth bragging about, even if you're bathed in sweat or sporting a beet-red face. Don't be shy about sharing your accomplishments with a gym selfie!

We've listed six selfie tips below to help you beautifully capture your post-workout bliss.

1. Find the Right Lighting

Any photographer will tell you that lighting is an essential element of a quality image. Natural light is best, so if your gym has a window, try taking advantage of the sunlight shining through. Keep the light in front of you so that it highlights your face and reduces shadows.

If you're taking your selfie with mostly indoor lighting, you can minimize harsh shadows by posing near a light that is closer to eye-level rather than directly above you. Search for "soft light" that is diffused from large fixtures (instead of direct light from small bulbs).

2. Consider Your Setting

Show off your hard work by posing in the outfit you wore during your workout. Consider snapping a quick selfie in the parking lot with the gym behind you. If you worked out with buddies, get a group shot to show your team strength!

Remember, if anyone else is in your selfie, it's important to get their permission to post the image on social media before doing so. Try to minimize distracting objects and avoid catching bystanders in your background. Also, don't take your photo in the bathroom or locker room out of respect for your fellow gym members. Photos in the locker room are against Planet Fitness policy — and in some cases, catching a person in the background (even by accident) may be a violation of the law.

3. Know Your Angle

To capture the most flattering selfie (and your post-workout glow in all its glory), hold your phone slightly above your face, with the bottom of your phone at eye level. Keep your chin down and turn your head slightly to one side so that you're not facing the camera straight on. Then smile big! Show yourself some love for making it to the gym and prioritizing your health.

4. Select Some Add-Ons

You can add personality to your gym selfie with fun filters and add-ons like stickers and words. If you accidentally snapped someone else in your photo, make sure you crop or blur them out with your photo editor. Stickers like the flexing bicep, sneakers, running emojis, and weightlifting cartoons — or a simple smiley face — can help highlight your accomplishment!

5. Make It Authentic

While it's fun to share your post-workout photos with others, it's important to keep your selfie authentic so that you can deliver the reality of your workout results. If your face is sweaty and red, this is something to be proud of, not embarrassed by! If your ponytail is messy or your mascara is smudged, embrace the effects of a hard workout. You're not sweaty and messy; you're shining and strong!

6. Tell Your Story

Enhance your selfie by sharing the story behind it. If you made it to the gym for the first time in a month, write about your dedication to start fresh. If you just set a new personal record on the treadmill, brag about that extra mile.

Don't forget that struggles are worth sharing, too. If it wasn't your best workout or you didn't meet your goals, it's OK to be honest about it. If you decide to share your selfie, your fitness community can encourage you to keep working!

Once you've taken the perfect selfie, send it out to your friends on social media and to the Planet of Triumphs community. Not only will your post encourage others to hit the gym, but it can also help you stay motivated and accountable. As you collect gym selfies over time, consider creating a collage to show off your dedication and progress.