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On the Go? Try These Quick and Easy High-Protein Breakfast Ideas

bowl of oatmeal with fruit and nuts
Overnight oats are a quick way to get a high-protein breakfast.

by Cheryl S. Grant

You've likely heard it over and over again: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But sometimes, you might not have enough time to make the most of your morning meal. Fortunately, there are several quick and easy high-protein breakfast options you can enjoy on your way out the door.

For most healthy people, there's a range when it comes to acceptable protein intake. As a general rule, anywhere between 10 to 35 percent of your total calorie intake should come from protein, according toMayo Clinic. So, why not start your day off right and get your protein fix first thing?

Don't worry — we won't suggest you simply pocket a processed protein bar. Here are some high-protein breakfast ideas that can be enjoyed on the go.

Oats Are Awesome

Overnight oats are a quick way to get a high-protein breakfast, says Lorraine Kearney, owner of Lorraine Kearney Nutrition. To whip some up, add half a cup of rolled oats, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds, 1 teaspoon of flaxseed, and 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk into a Mason jar or Tupperware container. Seal tight and place in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, remove the container from the refrigerator and stir everything together. Then, top the mixture with 1 tablespoon of almonds, 2 tablespoons of coconut flakes, and half a cup of blueberries.

For another recipe option that's also rich in protein, add ⅓ cup of oats, 1 teaspoon maca powder, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, and half a cup of almond milk into a Mason jar and seal tight. In the morning, stir the oats and top them with some blueberries, diced apples, and hazelnuts. It's a tasty way to start your day!

When in Doubt: Yogurt

If oats aren't your thing, you can still enjoy a low-maintenance, high-protein breakfast. "Greek yogurt has much more protein than regular yogurt," says Ariane Resnick, cookbook author and certified nutritionist. "Oftentimes about 20 grams per cup."

Stir some granola or a handful of raw pistachios into your favorite Greek yogurt and you can have your breakfast in hand in less than five minutes.

Back to Basics

Remember, you can always hard-boil a few eggs and store them in your fridge! Not only is the process quick and easy but they make for a great protein-rich breakfast or on-the-go snack.

If you're short on time before heading out on your commute, remember that peanut butter and jelly is a go-to favorite for a reason. It's quick, simple, and delicious. To boost the amount of energy provided by this classic combination, substitute peanut butter for cashew or almond butter and pair it with high-protein bread. You can even get fancy and add sliced apples or bananas!

Starting your morning off with a protein-packed breakfast can provide you with the energy you need to power through the rest of your day and meet your fitness goals in the gym. Try out different recipes to see what works best for your body — and your schedule.