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How to Do the Superman Pose (And Why You Want To)

woman in superman pose on a yoga mat
The surprising benefits of the superman pose might just be the motivation you need to start working this move into your workout routine!

by Autumn Jones

The Superman pose is one of those wonderful exercises that provides you a lot of bang for your buck. Not only can this move be done anywhere — with no equipment required — it offers loads of benefits and is easy to work into your fitness routine!

Here's a step-by-step guide explaining how to do the Superman, as well as some information around why it's worth trying during your next gym visit.

How to Do the Superman

  1. Start by lying on your stomach, with all of your arms and legs on the floor.
  2. Slowly extend your arms straight out in front of you and your legs behind you (while still keeping them flat on the floor).
  3. Squeeze your core muscles to keep your torso stable, then lift your arms, upper chest, and legs a few inches off of the ground simultaneously.
  4. Hold this position for a few moments before gently lowering your arms and legs back down. This completes one rep.
  5. Repeat the movement 8-10 times to perform one set.

Tip: As you get more comfortable with this exercise, you can build endurance and strength by holding the pose for longer counts!

Why Your Body Loves This Pose

There are numerous reasons why so many gym-goers have added this movement to their workout routines. Here are four ways the Superman pose can benefit your body and fitness journey.

1. It Provides Spinal Support

There's a beautiful partnership going on between your spine and your back muscles when you perform this exercise. Among other benefits, the Superman pose helps promote good posture. As Healthline explains, the more you can increase strength in your core and back muscles, the more support your spine receives!

2. It Reduces Pain

If aches and pains in your lower back are something you know all too well, then the Superman pose might be your ticket to sweet relief. According to Real Simple, regularly working the muscles in your lower back can help reduce any pain in that area.

3. It Helps With Body Alignment

Putting your glute muscles to work doesn't just make for a strong backside, it benefits many other parts of your body. In fact, working a large muscle group like your glutes can help make neighboring body parts stronger.

As Esquire points out, a stable gluteus medius keeps your hip joint steady, which helps your pelvis and knees stay aligned. Not only does this help you move with more ease, it's a great way to prevent injury.

4. It's a Powerful Pose

It's not called the Superman for nothin'! It's a very powerful pose. And believe it or not, your backside can be your body's secret weapon.

The glutes are your powerhouse for everything from sprinting to jumping, squatting, kicking, and climbing, according to Women's Health. Giving attention to this muscle group can make you more effective when performing other workouts and fitness activities you love.

How to Add More Superman Poses to Your Life

Looking to make this exercise a regular part of your routine? Here are several times you can practice the pose without having to schedule a whole sweat session.

First Thing in the Morning
Get your energy pumping during in the a.m. hours by doing a few reps of the Superman while you wait for the shower to heat up!

During Your Favorite Circuit
Introduce this move into your circuit-training routine as part of your back and glute work. Working in a couple sets of the Superman will definitely have you feeling the burn.

While You're Traveling
Don't have access to a gym when you're on the road? No worries! The Superman can easily be performed on the floor space of your hotel room.

As Part of Your Cool-Down
If you're in the mood for a little extra strength building after completing some cardio work, add a few reps of the Superman pose to your cool-down and stretching routines.

When first starting out, take it slow and focus on completing one full set before adding more reps to your regimen. Over time, you'll likely start to notice you're feeling stronger overall. As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. See full medical disclaimer here.