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9 Motivational Workout Quotes to Get You Into the Gym

Motivational workout quotes to exercise.


Starting a workout routine can be challenging, especially when you've had trouble maintaining motivation in the past or if you’re working out for the first time. While the benefits of regular exercise are countless, finding the drive to get to the gym or go for a run isn’t always easy.

Luckily, you're not alone! Many people need help finding motivation to work out. It's not important what's come before. What's important is that you're here now and finding the motivation to hop off the couch and get moving. You got this!

There are many tried-and-true strategies to help build a workout habit. Picking a favorite (or two or three!) motivational workout quotes and writing them down in a place you can see them can inspire you to push through any obstacle.

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of beginning to work out, the challenges of starting a workout routine, and offer tips and tricks to get started, along with classic motivational workout quotes to get you inspired. Plus, we'll wrap it up with a little DIY project to beautify your space—if that's your thing!

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Benefits and Challenges of Beginning to Work Out

Regular exercise has benefits for both physical and mental health. It helps build muscle, increase stamina, flexibility, and energy levels, improve mood and sleep quality, boost the immune system, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Working out also improves mental health by reducing stress and anxiety while helping you feel more confident and empowered, positively impacting other areas of life.

However, starting a workout routine can be tricky, especially if you need to get used to physical activity. Feeling intimidated by a gym environment, unsure how to use equipment, or not knowing where to start is common. You may also experience soreness, fatigue, and difficulty following a consistent schedule. Remember, these challenges are typical and can be overcome with time, practice, and patience—you got this! Keep in mind that starting a new routine safely is important, as is increasing workout intensity over time to avoid burnout.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Started Working Out

Ready to kick that motivation into high gear? Here are a few of our favorite workout tips and tricks to get started:

  • Start small. Begin with a workout routine that's manageable for your fitness level. Start with a few minutes of cardio and strength training each day, and increase the intensity and duration as you build endurance.
  • Find a workout buddy. Working out with a friend or family member can make exercise more enjoyable and hold you accountable for your fitness goals.
  • Mix it up. Try different workouts to keep things interesting and challenge your body. Experiment with cardio, strength training, yoga, and other activities to find what you enjoy. Bonus: there are tons of free workouts available on the PF app to get you inspired!
  • Set realistic goals. Start by asking yourself why you want to start working out. Then set achievable fitness targets unique to you that align with your motivations and values. This will help you stay committed to your workout routine and track your progress.
  • Stay positive. Focus on the positive aspects of exercise, such as how it makes you feel and the benefits you're gaining. Be kind to yourself if you miss a workout or have a setback. Find gym motivational quotes to keep you company.

While it's true that starting a workout routine can be daunting, most people find the physical and mental health benefits far outweigh the challenges. By using the tips and tricks above and drawing motivation from the world around you, you can overcome the challenges of beginning to work out and build a consistent fitness routine that works for you. Dedication and perseverance can help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your health and well-being.

Remember to be patient with yourself as you embark on this new journey. It's essential to find a form of exercise that fits into your individual lifestyle, whether going for a daily walk, taking a dance class, or lifting weights at the gym. 

9 Motivational Workout Quotes  

It’s time for the fun part. Writing things down has been proven to help motivation and task completion. So your challenge is to pick your favorite motivational workout quotes, break out the craft supplies, and create a sign to hang in your workout or personal space as a reminder to keep going! Take inspiration from the list below or create your own mantra.

  1. It's Your Workout: Your Time. Your Body. Own It. - Unknown
  2. Three little words: You've Got This. - Unknown
  3. The difference between try and triumph is a little umph. - Marvin Phillips
  4. You are stronger than you think. - Unknown
  5. A little progress each day adds up to big results. - Satya Nani
  6. Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable. - Unknown
  7. Believe you can, and you're halfway there. - Theodore Roosevelt
  8. You don’t have to be extreme. Just consistent. - Unknown
  9. Walk away from every workout feeling proud, accomplished, and strong as hell. - Unknown

Don’t just scribble down your favorite workout quote on the nearest scrap of paper. Make it special. Whether that’s a neatly written quote on a crisp piece of printer paper or you get out your best markers, paintbrushes, and cardstock, take a moment to write down whichever motivational exercise quotes speak to you. 

Finally, put your favorite gym motivational quote in a place you’ll see daily to get you going each morning. Over your mirror, near your workout area at home, or in the car are a few ideas to get you started. You can even take a picture for the background of your phone to take with you anywhere on-the-go!

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