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The Real Story Behind Planet Fitness Pizza Monday

woman in workout clothes taking a slice of pizza
The next time you're planning your workout schedule, consider heading to your local club for Pizza Monday or Bagel Tuesday.

by Autumn Jones

The weekend is a tough act to follow, so by default, Monday has a lot to prove. But Planet Fitness has a cure for even the strongest case of "The Mondays," and it smells like pepperoni and mozzarella.

The Story Behind Pizza Monday

Planet Fitness Pizza Monday is a tradition that has been going strong since 1999 — the year a club in Concord, NH found themselves without hot water for a few days. Despite the lack of hot showers, members continued to show up to the gym, ready to sweat. As a "thank you," the founders ordered a round of slices for everyone.

The gesture was so well received that it soon became a regular occurrence, and Pizza Monday was born. Soon, Planet Fitness locations all over North America were following suit and offering free pizza on the first Monday night of each month

Then Came Bagel Tuesday

The pizza tradition became so popular that Planet Fitness then introduced Bagel Tuesday, offering morning gym-goers free bagels on the second Tuesday of the month. What began as a simple display of gratitude has become a fun way for members to meet, gather and build community — a cornerstone of the club's culture and the spirit upon which Planet Fitness Pizza Monday is built.

Give Yourself the Thumbs-Up

It's OK to indulge in a treat every once in a while. The truth is, one slice of pizza isn't going to destroy a month's worth of work in the gym, which is why Planet Fitness Pizza Monday and Bagel Tuesday only roll around once a month.

Moderation is key, and finding the right balance can benefit members in their quest for a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, You're in the Judgement Free Zone®

No matter if you're noshing on pizza and bagels or working through your 30-minute circuit, Planet Fitness remains a welcoming and supportive Judgement Free Zone®. When all is said and done, events like Pizza Monday and Bagel Tuesday simply provide a safe space for people to enjoy themselves while mingling with other members and Planet Fitness staff.

The next time you're planning your workout schedule, consider heading in for a Pizza Monday or Bagel Tuesday. Try something new and check out one of these gatherings — just be sure to check with your local club for specific times, as each location can vary. Who says fitness can't also be fun?!