Mobile App FAQ

Planet Fitness Mobile App Version 1

Whether you’ve used the old app or not, you will need to set up a new account when you access the app for the first time to meet increased security measures. If you are an existing app user and remember your username (email address), you can still use it  moving forward. Doing so will allow you to migrate your existing workout history over to the new app. If you cannot remember your former credentials associated with the old app please set up a new account.

The credentials for , where you have access to update your account, are different from the mobile app.

Please use your credentials on our website to view details related to membership billing and your check-in history.

Check-in history is also available at the front desk.

For security reasons, we can only send a “forgot password” link to the email that’s already associated to your account.  If you do not receive a password reset email, try additional email addresses that may have been associated to your app account.

If you cannot remember the username/email address associated to an app account we recommend starting fresh and setting up a new app account. You will still be able to link your app to your existing membership!

Anytime your keytag changes it will automatically sync with the app within 10 minutes. If you do not want to wait the 10 minutes for the sync process, we recommend you log out and log back in to see your updated keytag.

No, the “new account” is referring to the app account. You can create a new app account and link it to your existing membership via your keytag/barcode.

No, you do not have to be a member to use the app however, only members will have access to the following app features:

  • Digital Keytag
  • Book a PE@PF session
  • Upgrade Membership
  • Access to “My Membership”

Yes!  The information entered for Goals when you first start using the app can be customized through the Profile menu by clicking on your profile picture and then “Goals”.

Yes!  The ability to track workouts is still there in the new PF Mobile App.  Click “Add Activity” from the bottom of the screen to select the exercise from the list and enter in the required information. The activity tracking feature is based off the duration of the activity and intensity level. The tracked activity will populate in the Ring on the Homescreen.

The photo-based stats capture feature (X-capture) has been discontinued. 

The app doesn’t give you the ability to create your own workouts in the app. However you are able to choose from the over 350 exercises and over 30 workouts available.

Yes, however at this time you can only book a session at your home club. If you’d like to book a session at a different club please visit the club page on the Planet Fitness® website.

If you do not see any sessions listed, it is likely because the club is not conducting any sessions at this time. As a reminder, you can only book a session at your home club. If you’d like to book a session at a different location please visit the club page on the Planet Fitness® website

The app does not provide a sharing feature. 

Yes!  You can upgrade directly from the app and can access this feature in the following ways:

  • Select Upgrade from the User Profile menu
  • Open up your digital key tag and click the link to learn more about the PF Black Card®
  • On the membership screen under the profile menu, click the link to learn more about the PF Black Card®

Please note, the membership will keep the same annual fee billing date and no join fee or prorated dues will be charged.

Please visit the website to transfer your membership.

Please visit your home club to make any other changes to your membership.  

Not at this time.

No.  Billing changes can be made in club, or by logging in to your account at  Please note that your credentials for logging into the PF mobile app are unique from your credentials for the site.