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The Benefits of a Gym Membership: 4 Ways It Can Complement Your Fitness Classes

people at a Planet Fitness front desk
No matter how you prefer to power through a sweat session, there's no denying the variety and flexibility that comes with a gym membership.

by Lindsay Tigar

Perhaps you've tried every type of fitness class — from boxing to indoor cycling. Maybe you even tell your friends about all of the latest workout trends. But have you thought about the benefits of a gym membership lately?

While boutique-style exercise is definitely popular, it's also important to have a go-to workout center that provides consistency. Consider these tried-and-true perks of having a hometown gym as the ideal complement to your experimental active routine!

1. There's Greater Flexibility

While it's fun to test out new workouts, squeezing specific class times into your busy schedule can sometimes be a struggle — not to mention the penalties for missing a class can be steep. Whether you lose a credit or have to fork over more cash, boutique-style studios don't always allow for much flexibility.

One of the benefits of a gym membership is the ability to make your own rules and plan your workout whenever it best works for your schedule. A solid fitness center will be open early in the morning and late in the evening, and it could even be open 24 hours a day! This makes a gym membership ideal to have in addition to your other classes.

2. You Don't Have to Wait for the Instructor You Like

In boutique-style fitness classes, once you find an instructor you like, you'll probably want to keep going to their class. But when you can't get in because they're understandably popular, it can be a big bummer.

The benefits of a gym membership include the ability to work out when you want to with no instructor supervision required. For those moments when you really need to get in a workout, a gym membership grants you the freedom to do so.

3. You Can Focus on Specific Fitness Goals

This year, you might want to work on running a faster mile. Or perhaps greater flexibility is your goal. How about your strength? Most fitness classes will target specific muscle groups on specific days, and that doesn't always match the times when you're able to make it to class.

This means you could end up only doing leg workouts for weeks! The benefits of a gym membership include being able to choose your machines and your routine, which can enable you to meet your fitness goals and exercise as frequently and specifically as you need.

4. There's Always Enough Cardio

The Mayo Clinic is clear: We all need 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each week. If you're obsessed with restorative yoga, that's great! But to ensure that your lungs and heart are getting the cardio TLC they need, complement your yoga classes with a gym membership that allows you to hop on a treadmill or bike. No matter how you prefer to power through a sweat session, variety and flexibility are the greatest advantages of a gym membership. So what are you waiting for?

As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. See full medical disclaimer here.