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How to Start a Fitness Journey in 4 Easy Steps

Friendly Planet Fitness staff member giving a high-five to a club member
Making the conscious decision to get active is the spark you need to ignite your fitness journey.

by Autumn Jones

Feeling the urge to make some changes to your routine? If you're looking to get active, but aren't sure how to start a fitness journey, the good news is you've already taken the first step. Making the conscious decision to become healthier is the spark you need to ignite your adventure. This positive mindset will support you as you continue to experiment and learn what's best for your body.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the last thing you need to consider when deciding how to start a fitness journey is your exercise routine. Sure, workouts are an important element of any successful fitness journey, but finding your community, feeling comfortable in your own skin and being clear about your expectations is the real secret sauce.

As you take the plunge into this new chapter of your life, know that you already have what it takes to reach your goals. Here are four steps that can help you get going.

1. Find Your People

You don't have to go on this journey alone. Connecting with others who are on the same path can lead to meaningful relationships and provide an uplifting support system. Consider becoming part of a network like Planet of Triumphs, where real Planet Fitness members share their true stories of personal fitness in a welcoming, safe and judgement-free zone.

Joining online communities and making friends at the gym can help you stay focused and inspired. You can celebrate your accomplishments — both big and small — with other supportive and encouraging members.

2. Commit to Feeling Good

Your new exercise adventure should start on a positive note. What better way to kick things off than by committing to feeling good about yourself? If you want to know how to start a fitness journey on the right foot, set an intention to measure your success by how you feel. Specific milestones — like being able to run a mile on the treadmill — are satisfying, but long-term motivation comes from how you feel throughout the process. Tapping into feelings of strength and determination will sustain your journey and fuel your motivation to stick with it.

3. Do Your Thing

You may experience a few stops and starts at the onset of your fitness journey, but be patient; with a little experimenting, you'll find your groove. Try a few workouts on for size to see what you enjoy most. You may find that you love lifting weights more than cardio work, or feel better about using a stationary bike rather than the treadmill. Discover the right fit for you.

4. Find Gratitude

There may be days when you aren't feeling entirely thrilled about your fitness journey. That's totally OK. Whether you miss a workout or feel frustrated with your results, bad days happen. When these days pop up, try not to let them get the best of you.

Remember everything you're grateful for and the reasons you started in the first place. Making the decision to go on this journey is something to be proud of and celebrated. So don't forget to have fun along the way!

As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. See full medical disclaimer here.